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Chaowei Xiaobo: A friendly voice controlled device May 2016

Launched on TAOBAO, a major Chinese website for online shopping.

To be connected is the key phrase these days.
It is not an obligation, we can do without.
We can also like to receive information in real time or satisfy our own curiosity when we want. We are free and can enjoy a product which is able to respond to our questions following our temperament, to whom you can ask all sorts of things: the news, weather, information, entertainment, play music, leave messages or reminders, light control… all this simply controlled vocally*.

Xiaobo is more than an object: it has a real presence with which you can share. It fits in naturally, supported by an iconic shape which is key to the concept. To resume, Xiaobo is luminous, cute, chatty or quiet and attentive to whatever you ask of it…

*Xiaobo uses Baidu voice search technology and interactive voice response system. This gives it great versatility.

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