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La vie en rose

INTERIOR, at Courtrai, has always been an interesting place for discovering.
But now there’s a surprise; we have to receive lessons too.
PINOCCHIO in designland is the fair’s event (Jaime Hayon’s presentation).
It’s super. I believe that industrialists will not be able to resist any longer.
Less annoying than the Bauhaus theories and other any theories for pretty rather than ugly and, if possible, practical at the same time.
In the same line we also have Karim Rachid.
I conclude that it is a new (strong) trend that we have to follow.

I also suggest we adopt the Babygros suit as an identified uniform for designlander profession .

Jaime Hayon – PINOCCHIO in designland : De Standaard – DSM MAGAZINE 18 Oktober 2008
Rachid – www.karimrachid.com.tw [1]
Interieur 08 – www.interieur.be [2]

lavierose_interieur08_pinocchio [3]
lavierose_karim_rashid [4]