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Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair : more than a dozen products, three ranges and their variants including a new arrival Eggo, mini led spot, the booth being a beacon for the brand, films realised with i.réel presented the CYLIN and LEDSPOT ranges, a private space for presenting prototypes, much activity, excitement and many new contacts…

Almost two years have pasted since the adventure with Yaohualux started.

It is a real case.

We have reached cruising speed, the number of studies is rising steadily with more than others 15 projects being developed.
A design structure has formed naturally: the YP team, a synergy between the Pool, the integrated designers and engineers.
To make the brand emerge as creative is the medium term strategy, including various directions for products and distribution diversification.

The enthusiasm and smooth running relationship between the teams is real and remarkable.

The key is in the ‘’creative management’’ in the person of Davidson Fang, a manager out of the ordinary, a decision maker with a hands on approach from conception through to manufacturing.

It is not a mystery: freewheeling design works when someone is steering.