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Sasa Demarle

Cake studies

Designing Cakes for Sasa

The group SASA Demarle is specialized in professional bakery, patisserie and catering equipment including silicon non-stick moulds.

Their question was could we design several silicon patisserie moulds for them. The answer was yes but it will be necessary to design the cakes first. Starting from this premise the moulds should also give the bakers the ability to interpret and imagine their own personal results. The silicon moulds should also take into account the constraints linked to the material, the manipulation and easy removal of the moulded part.

It was a learning process spent with professional chiefs with their different techniques.


The main moulds give the basic form. Then come the animation parts, different shapes, different ingredients, flavors, endless color variations and configurations. Perfect for the pastry chefs to appropriate the concept.


The creation of a system starting with a formed silicone base on which stackable rings are added, "mounting" all kinds of cakes that play on size, the colors and flavors.


Starting from an imposed small size, it is a study to show that creativity can be infinite in the cake field. Beyond the shapes we must give the possibility to play with combinations of ingredients, textures and colors etc.


Playing with surprise. A different perception when the cake is cut giving it a new meaning.