New Design (Pool) Partner: MagicFrame

Magicframe Consulting, founded by Amitava Guha, is a visual design programming and design-application project management consultancy established in Bangalore, in India..

« As a designer, who is always learning something, I really do not want to bind myself within a specific design arena, I would like to spread my wings and float within different areas, to achieve what I want to achieve, using different mediums of design. However, web is absolutely a different medium and this media behaves exceptionally than any other conventional mediums, so I also like to experiment with this new media… » said Amitava Guha.
« We try to understand business ethics and objectives of a project based on its sphere and demography, range of users, who will directly interact with design produced. Our work exists in a multi-cultural space. »

Amitava Guha belongs to a new generation of designers and the fact to live in India give him a different vision and attitude than in Europe particularly regarding the virtual world in permanent evolution.
He has a real engagement with his own conviction to enter in a project. He can experiment without any problem using and mixing the most adapted means and considering the relation with the client as a priority.

Opening a product design activity appear, for him, like a new challenge. In coherence with his current activity.

We share with him a passion for the innovation, for the creative consultancy, for building new projects. We like to work with complementary teams for sharing experience. We agree also that our job is always in evolution : we have to invent and to make it evolve every day.
By another way, India have a huge national and international potential of development, and many international groups and companies are looking more and more to this country.
With self in house resource, depending on projects, Magicframe conculting still operate in collaboration with partner teams, individuals from India, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, and United States.

Many reasons for us to make this partnership choice !

Magicframe Consulting
Amitava Guha | Director


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