CBS Outdoor launches a catalogue of street furniture.

CBS is an communication group whose other international activities involve street furniture (CBS OUTDOOR).

As far as we are concerned, we have dealt with the development of two ranges of bus shelters and accessories, and we have compiled the catalogue which includes all of CBS OUTDOOR’s offers.

PREMIUM, the most complete range, offers several billboards including a column “Morris”, a modular system of bus shelters, an interactive information unit, benches, public toilets, as well as accessories such as litter bins, ashtrays and bollards.
EVOLUTIVE, concentrates on bus shelters and integrates various display and information technology, flexible communication and interactive services.
Accessories can be common for both ranges.

First of all, we must stress the fact that it is rather unusual to deal with this sort of brief. Most of the time, the proposition is limited and lacks coherence.
Secondly, we are dealing with industrialised products offering a customisable modular construction and a strong image, as opposed to working for a town with specific needs.

According to its requirements, each town can adapt the installation of the furniture and the communication formats, and can customise the colours, the signs and the materials.

The main goal is to answer multiple desires, from a strong or significant identity to a certain discretion linked with good services.


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