Butterfly by UME*


The goal is to have a small portable lamp, very versatile in its use.

It is magnetic, clinging, hanging, and is used everywhere, the expression of mobility for light.

It is recharged on its base by two solar panels but can also be connected to the mains, making it a real hybrid product .

Hybrid mainly because the amount of sunshine differs depending on the season and country.

Concept Design (Pool). Market launch in 2013.

*UME is a trademark of Yaohualux


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Tales of the Arabian Nights: A thief

Once upon a time, in far away country who’s name makes you dream, a marketing company needed street furniture and advertising panels to support its network. So it went in search of innovation.

The name of this company is KUC, whose chairman, Bashar Kiwan, won a tender in Kuwait in October 2010 and required the services of Prismaflex, a French manufacturer with whom we regularly collaborate. Prismaflex showed KUC a portfolio with many different designs. After much equivocation, they declined the offer, pretending the fees were too high. They had never the less chosen and focused on a specific design. Prismaflex, fairly, suggested that they could deal directly with the designer. With their agreement, we set up a collaboration system with KUC. Once the study phase was finished, our contact with Bashar Kiwan no longer worked for KUC and they proceeded to simply copy the various designs.

We thereafter never heard from them again… and the result is appalling, as far as quality and aesthetics are concerned.

Mr Kiwan is a thief and a storyteller. When he wrote in his CONCORD project «  …respect, innovation and integrity are central to its operation…  »
it is a joke and a funny sense of humour.

There is no conclusion or morale to this story but just wish to let it be known.
Who knows, it might be useful?


Swift Original
KUC copy
KUC mupi


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Bloog at half mast

Eight months without writing. Eight months without any striking news…

Did anything happen which could have fueled a sudden urge to communicate about it?

Indeed, what can be said apart from the expected wailing which won’t allow us to go ahead…

On August 30th, an article by Guillaume Duval, editor of the French monthly magazine “Alternatives Economiques” said : « The economic situation does not stand any chance of getting back on its feet within the next few months. »

What does this mean : how do you get an economic situation “back on its feet”? How do you make an economy “recover”?
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Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair : more than a dozen products, three ranges and their variants including a new arrival Eggo, mini led spot, the booth being a beacon for the brand, films realised with i.réel presented the CYLIN and LEDSPOT ranges, a private space for presenting prototypes, much activity, excitement and many new contacts…

Almost two years have pasted since the adventure with Yaohualux started.

It is a real case.
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CBS Outdoor launches a catalogue of street furniture.

CBS is an communication group whose other international activities involve street furniture (CBS OUTDOOR).

As far as we are concerned, we have dealt with the development of two ranges of bus shelters and accessories, and we have compiled the catalogue which includes all of CBS OUTDOOR’s offers.

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