letter to « Mister DINGTAO »

In the industrial world, it happens more and more often that we come across copies of products which we have designed, once they have been manufactured and commercialised with success.

The latest case : products developed by and for RIVADOSSI (Italy) copied almost identically by DINGTAO (China), which were discovered at Canton trade fair.

From the point of view of the designer, who came up with the idea in the first place, it might not be that important “in the form” (what is an idea after all ?) but it becomes unacceptable “in substance”, because we are actually dealing with spoliation ant a total lack of respect for other people.

It is also difficult to accept because people at Rivadossi have invested time and energy in a project which represents their brand and identity.
To get an inspiration is not a problem : magazines are full of products similar to one another, all in the same spirit, some recognising their inspiration and others not. This might be considered as a normal process of evolution and inovation…

But it is a disgrace and a shame to make a straightforward copy for mere economical gain; this “Mr Dingtao” shows disrespect and theft.

There are in China, many up and coming young talented designers : please, use them.

But maybe you lack the imagination to see this.


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