Tales of the Arabian Nights: A thief

Once upon a time, in far away country who’s name makes you dream, a marketing company needed street furniture and advertising panels to support its network. So it went in search of innovation.

The name of this company is KUC, whose chairman, Bashar Kiwan, won a tender in Kuwait in October 2010 and required the services of Prismaflex, a French manufacturer with whom we regularly collaborate. Prismaflex showed KUC a portfolio with many different designs. After much equivocation, they declined the offer, pretending the fees were too high. They had never the less chosen and focused on a specific design. Prismaflex, fairly, suggested that they could deal directly with the designer. With their agreement, we set up a collaboration system with KUC. Once the study phase was finished, our contact with Bashar Kiwan no longer worked for KUC and they proceeded to simply copy the various designs.

We thereafter never heard from them again… and the result is appalling, as far as quality and aesthetics are concerned.

Mr Kiwan is a thief and a storyteller. When he wrote in his CONCORD project «  …respect, innovation and integrity are central to its operation…  »
it is a joke and a funny sense of humour.

There is no conclusion or morale to this story but just wish to let it be known.
Who knows, it might be useful?


Swift Original
KUC copy
KUC mupi


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letter to « Mister DINGTAO »

In the industrial world, it happens more and more often that we come across copies of products which we have designed, once they have been manufactured and commercialised with success.

The latest case : products developed by and for RIVADOSSI (Italy) copied almost identically by DINGTAO (China), which were discovered at Canton trade fair.

From the point of view of the designer, who came up with the idea in the first place, it might not be that important “in the form” (what is an idea after all ?) but it becomes unacceptable “in substance”, because we are actually dealing with spoliation ant a total lack of respect for other people.

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