Wishes for 2012?

To our politicians, our unions, most of our industrialists, our financial institutes, and others…

Wishes?  wish for a bit more intelligence…
Wishes?  wish for a bit less hypocrisy…

The latest news : buy French. OK!  But what?

We must first remember all the distributors who scoured the planet for their shopping. They did not search for new products or innovations but for bargains on products they later encouraged to be copied, therefore pulling down their quality without qualm.

Secondly, we can remember the industrialists who were “copied” and numbed to the point they couldn’t create and react anymore :  they  submitted to the distributors and followed the same tracks, using the same manufacturers, the same methods, the same products…

So, what is the problem ?
We have been buying “French” for a long time, but made in China, India, Vietnam, Poland, Tunisia…

An to be honest, the problem is not to buy “French” : it is possibly to “imagine” French, to “create” French, to “brainstorm” French.
We are far from it.
France has become a creative desert. Numerous skills have been sacrificed and nothing new has taken its place.

So we, French, will buy wine, cheese, perhaps some perfume… We’ll definitely buy books, music and entertainment. And for the rest, we’ll take whatever buyers from all sides have left us.

Or perhaps we’ll go e-shopping on the Internet where international shops are full of wonders whose origins don’t matter, because we desire them so much.

Meanwhile we’re waiting for the French Sleeping Beauty to wake up…



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Best wishes for 2010

What if design helped us get back to basics?
… taking the world as it comes?

After all, there must be a reason why it is like this.
A reason why European industry is shooting itself in the foot by transferring research and production to Asia.
A reason why intelligence is exported.
A reason why more and more Chinese companies are aiming to develop their own products.
A reason why the design is considered, more and more as an ordinary component.
A reason to wish an excellent year to designers because if they have the competence the opportunities are there.
A reason to wish an excellent year to European manufacturers because it is no longer a matter of economics but intelligence : to build a future based on other criteria.

Therefore happy new year to everyone….



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The omens & pundits are announcing a difficult year.
For us it will certainly be better than we imagine, rich with
changes, new awareness and experiences.

Greetings and actions



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Best wishes from Stimulo!


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