Butterfly by UME*


The goal is to have a small portable lamp, very versatile in its use.

It is magnetic, clinging, hanging, and is used everywhere, the expression of mobility for light.

It is recharged on its base by two solar panels but can also be connected to the mains, making it a real hybrid product .

Hybrid mainly because the amount of sunshine differs depending on the season and country.

Concept Design (Pool). Market launch in 2013.

*UME is a trademark of Yaohualux

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Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair : more than a dozen products, three ranges and their variants including a new arrival Eggo, mini led spot, the booth being a beacon for the brand, films realised with i.réel presented the CYLIN and LEDSPOT ranges, a private space for presenting prototypes, much activity, excitement and many new contacts…

Almost two years have pasted since the adventure with Yaohualux started.

It is a real case.
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letter to « Mister DINGTAO »

In the industrial world, it happens more and more often that we come across copies of products which we have designed, once they have been manufactured and commercialised with success.

The latest case : products developed by and for RIVADOSSI (Italy) copied almost identically by DINGTAO (China), which were discovered at Canton trade fair.

From the point of view of the designer, who came up with the idea in the first place, it might not be that important “in the form” (what is an idea after all ?) but it becomes unacceptable “in substance”, because we are actually dealing with spoliation ant a total lack of respect for other people.

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