Ralph CAPLAN (Rediscovered)

Hurray ! a book that hasn’t aged as nothing has really changed!

It is good and invigorating to know that people think.
People who allow you to situate yourself between what they say and what you do…
Ralf Caplan , a journalist, writer & design consultant clearly analyses, with rigour and humour, the stakes of design with BY DESIGN.

« … :the design process has more to do with your life than you may think. »

« The trajectory of design has been moving from the design of objects to the design of the situations in which objects are made and used »

It is remarkable to see that this “design of the situations”, in which the creation of objects has become legitimate, already had an evident meaning. This could be a real subject for today;
it is not at all the case, but almost the opposite.
It was 1982.
Read then and read again today it remains dramatically relevant as nothing has changed.

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letter to « Mister DINGTAO »

In the industrial world, it happens more and more often that we come across copies of products which we have designed, once they have been manufactured and commercialised with success.

The latest case : products developed by and for RIVADOSSI (Italy) copied almost identically by DINGTAO (China), which were discovered at Canton trade fair.

From the point of view of the designer, who came up with the idea in the first place, it might not be that important “in the form” (what is an idea after all ?) but it becomes unacceptable “in substance”, because we are actually dealing with spoliation ant a total lack of respect for other people.

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Flashfilm, interview of JPV

Interview of Jean Pierre Vitrac by

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CBS Outdoor launches a catalogue of street furniture.

CBS is an communication group whose other international activities involve street furniture (CBS OUTDOOR).

As far as we are concerned, we have dealt with the development of two ranges of bus shelters and accessories, and we have compiled the catalogue which includes all of CBS OUTDOOR’s offers.

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A new company – brief sent by mail – the goal: to invest into the pens market dedicated to the company communications sector – propositions sent in few days – a first selection – modelisation and development – control of first prototypes – follow up…

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PICSA is, amongst others things, a polycarbonate and reusable bottle manufacturer in Spain.
To face a strategy of diversification, the company has launched a new cold-water dispenser system in a clever way, that will increase its bottle production and create a permanent business.

For the existing products still on the market, one of the main problems is the maintenance and sanitisation of the system:when we sell mineral water, the water is refrigerated (that’s why the system is complex), when we sell bottles we directly refrigerate the bottles… this is the advantage of PICSA’s ECOBOT, avoiding all contamination problems.
ECOBOT is the smallest cold-water dispenser currently on the market for a 10 litters capacity.

Our role: the development of ECOBOT system from the concepts researches to the global follow up in relation with the chinese factory.
Global project took around 2 years. Launching in 2007.

Ramon Martinez. Creative director Stimulo – a Design (Pool) partner.


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