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Advertising in RIYADH city

Alarabia - Advertising in RIYADH city

Al Arabia is a leading outdoor advertising company based in Saudi Arabia. It is renowned for its top-level advertising products providing solutions for its customers based on data and the latest technology. We designed the two latest products for the city of Riyadh.

The first has a double function. The front has a 3 x 2m LED screen for advertising campaigns. The back has an interactive 75” LCD screen providing information and services to passersby. The folded shape of the product helps the cooling and ventilation of the screens as do the air vents integrated in the Arabian pattern on the back.

The second is a 2m2 LED advertising panel, dispatched throughout the city.

With the two projects it was interesting to give to these products a specific geometrical spirit…

Following the presentation of several proposals the selected ideas were developed technically including material treatments and details. Follow up with the different project actors involved until the final prototypes and production, … many exchanges, with some compromises in order to reach the final result.

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