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Smovengo Vélib

Paris City

Smovengo Vélib design for Paris City

Smovengo Vélib - Paris City

We have worked with SMOOVE since the beginning of the company.  

We helped design the first Smoove bike and docking station for them, implemented in the cities of Avignon, Saint Etienne, Montpellier…

We also participated in the Vélib program for Paris. The bike-sharing system has become essential in Paris. The Vélib become an important part of the urban furniture in the city.

For Paris we started the working on the bike sharing system based on elements selected by their engineers. Their main challenge was the efficiency and the resistance of their system, and the design would follow…The bike was designed in an earlier study, the objective being to easily convert the bike to an electric assisted version. The station was based on an existing technical base which we had to dress up. No real freedom but is also a part of our job, to optimize what is proposed and we aren't complaining : the result works…

Green: normal bike version
Blue: electric bike version

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