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Swiss Made

Two pens, alive and kicking

Specialized in creating, manufacturing and distributing promotional pens for brands to communicate with.
Established in Lugano, Prodir promotes the ‘’Swiss made’’ quality, creativity and integrated production. Sustainability and social issues are part of its policy too.

Prodir is remarkable in terms of strategy and design. Having worked from the beginning of the brand we have, among other things, created two pens, the DS1 and the DS3 around 1989. More than thirty years later these products are still on the market. They have been optimized over time without losing their original character. The DS3 is undoubtedly a huge commercial success selling millions each year. The lifespan of a product therefore depends largely on how the company keeps it alive, by continuously renewing it through details, color choices, material aspects and finishes: a relatively rare attitude.

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