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Connected by voiceChaowei - 2016


A friendly device, voice controlled

Chaowei is launching XIAOBO. It is presented “as the first intelligent speaker for the bed room”. The product uses Baidu voice search technology and interactive voice response system.

Programmed with a smart phone, you give it a name, and it follows your vocal requests and answers your questions: turn on/off the light, controls colour and the dimmer, it tells you the time, date, weather, all kind of news, you can set vocal memos and alarms, select music, ask for jokes, stories, 

Take a rest, no need for a computer, mobile or tv screen for picking information. Through the APP you also can personalize the functions you need. All these immaterial functions have been located in an emblematic shape.

We have extrapolated the shape of a Nautilus, the led light and the sound coming from within. We wanted to give an expression of complicity and intimacy to enter into the dialogue.

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