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Le creuset


Le creuset Barbecue

Le creuset Barbecue

A renowned French company known mainly for its colourful enameled cast iron cookware. We have collaborated several times with them on different subjects. One of the latest projects concerned the wish to diversify into barbecues, self-standing and more portable models. For these products it is necessary to combine different materials while retaining an element of cast iron. For small portable models what is sought after is a versatility of use on tables or in other outdoor spaces.  For the big self-standing models, we considered the closed position in a garden or on a terrace as a key character and emphasised this. Its appearance is no longer the traditional one associated with this type of product. It becomes a  "decorative" and unidentifiable object. It can stay in place permanently. Not yet being an actor in this activity segment, this kind of approach gives a more immediate strength to the brand.

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