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Lutec solar energy lighting


The solar lighting market is quite slow in evolving. Due to the cheap offer, people considered it very often as no more than a gadget. Still complex to elaborate because you have to match different components with the same quality level: solar panel, batteries, leds and drivers. A lot of progress has been made. The quality and performance is higher, but also the cost. The idea to create hybrid systems (mixing solar and mains power) is appreciated. Now the question is to inform people, and to reassure them on the real value and benefits of solar energy. This field, new for Yaohualux, is becoming a full topic for the coming years. We develop architectural lighting, fixed (easy to install), portable,simple to recharge, integrating different functions, speaker, phone charger, easy to use everywhere by everybody. Now, we have acquired a real experience opening new opportunities.


Small portable solar light. People like the mobility for lighting, always available and free to use. The torch is versatile, it can be used placed on a table, suspended, fixed with its magnet, carried…and recharges on its support during the day. Butterfly is valorized by its autonomy (4 hours in full light, 180 lumen) and much more, using its four steps dimmer. A USB charger completes the product.


Small portable solar light. For this product, the solar panels are integrated in the shape. Enough to open it during the day and close at night. Compact, easy to carry, this product can be used everywhere. Dimmer, USB, 120 lumen. These portable lamps, developed for LUTEC, are more than only lighting complements: they are real lamps.


Solar lantern with an independent solar panel for charging. Robust and portable with an integrated handle. Un-clip the handle to suspend the light.

Wall Solar

The main quality is the ease of installation. The solar panel can be integrated or independent. It is the user’s choice following the lamp position and sunshine levels at specific locations.



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