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Saint Étienne

Bus & Tram sheltersVille de Saint-Étienne


Ville de St Étienne / Philippe Vediaud Publicité / Prismaflex International

Implantation, in 2017, of a range of bus and tram shelters in the city of st Etienne.
This project has been managed by the company Philippe Védiaud Publicité and the realisation made by Prismaflex International. As Design(Pool) we are consultant for Prismaflex International, in different fields, urban furniture and advertising panels. During many years, we have built a real design data bank with them, to support their innovation process. They have chosen, with Philippe Védiaud Publicité, one of our propositions, responding to the whole context. They have directly managed with their team the development of the project on the technical plan, and made by themselves the numerous variants responding to different constraints following the locations. On our side, we have discovered the project, once finalised.

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