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Le creuset - Screwpull

Le Creuset - Screwpull

Originally, Herbert Allen invented the first lever corkscrew of this type in 1979. The design rights were bought by Le Creuset in 1991 and a few products have since been developed under the SCREWPULL brand. Our challenge was clear: using the experience and the existing technical concept, how to optimise the products maintaining SCREWPULL’s advance in the market regarding all the copies and competitors. But quickly, we designed new technical solutions, linked to a radical shape evolution. The goal was always the same: facilitate the opening of a bottle of wine with the minimum of effort and giving a real pleasure to the user. The brand recognition was also at the centre of our approach. The TRIGGER model is one of the most significant products designed for SCREWPULL.

GAIA lever model / LM 400

LM400 first study / VERSO study

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