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Outdoor Lighting"A long term winning stategy"



It is one of the first outdoor applications of LEDS, launched in 2010. Due to its success it has a lot of offspring. The first development was made for the professional market. Immediately after we made a smaller size always following the starting idea of one or two movable heads. Wall, pole or bollards, and now wall security light with motion sensor made a complete range. One of the more successful series of the Lutec brand, wherever the country.

A long term winning strategy

YAOHUALUX is a leading company in outdoor lighting. Design, engineering, manufacturing are all totally integrated in the organisation. Our first contact was late 2009. Four months later two product ranges – prototypes of LEDSPOT & CYLIN were shown in Frankfurt - with a new design for the booth. The presentation was successful and expressed the company’s desire to evolve. Since then we have been working continuously as their major creative partner. We have the feeling of being part of the company. Our role is open: participating in the company’s product strategy, mainly for the LUTEC brand, which has now an international development. We are directly involved in the design process, working with the integrated team and beyond with their suppliers: products, booths, offices, corporate identity…and team training. We also participate actively in their international meetings. This is a major example of the success of “design thinking” integrated in a company. It is due to the insight of the management, based on the long term, risk-taking, curiosity and experimentation and a sense of challenge. We can also talk about success in terms of notoriety on the international level.

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