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Guy Degrenne


Guy Degrenne


This range of porcelain tableware is from our first collaboration with Guy Degrenne. The question: bring a new vision without straying too far from the standard codes. We played within the round shape with a tilted plane giving the specific character of the range. All the products were developed applying the same characteristic. For the bowl series the shape has combined aesthetic and perfect handling.


A complete cutlery set with 24 references. Working with a company like Guy Degrenne requires fitting in with the corporate identity and the brand history.  Guy Degrenne has long been considered a leader in cutlery creativity and manufacturing. Designing is less a response to trends, than a perfect balance between modernity and brand tradition. This is what we made. Before the final decision the concept was submitted to consumer reactions and was really well accepted. Currently, it is Guy Degrenne's best seller.

New Moon

A porcelain tableware range, dedicated mainly for the hotel and restaurant markets. The initial project values the principle of vis-à-vis. The crescent shape is imagined to be an area of expression, to accommodate graphics and colours, images or brands. It introduces a visual game between guests.


NEWCOOK idea is based on a range of multi material cooking ustensils.


Soliflore, pepper shaker, candle holder, more if needed. The idea is to offer sets of products that can be easily moved using a porcelain with magnets on a metal plate. Originally dedicated to the commercial catering, this mini series is quite in place on all tables. Used for aromatic or purely deco ...


Always available, a stack of small serving plates cocktail or buffet, white porcelain on their matte email support.

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