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EggoOutdoor lighting: light dot

Eggo Led Lighting


Eggo is a directional Led spot light. We wanted to hide the technical aspect which is the current signature of this kind of functional product. The egg shape was created to envelop the movable light part. This also gives a double light effect, direct and, the light in low position, indirect. Spot light and ambiance light. As an architectural outdoor lamp its impact is quite soft and well integrated in its surroundings.

This product is one of the first products designed for Yaohualux under the Lutec brand. Our intervention was from A to Z, from the concept stage to the final product including the follow up with the Lutec team who led the smart development. We have to underline that the success of a product is the result of a genuine and close cooperation between everybody: this is the reality.

Launching presentation in Honk Kong

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