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Sun ConnecLighting system

Lutec solar energy lighting

Sun Connec

Sun’connec is a solar lighting range composed of several elements. These elements can be chosen and work together following the user’s choice.   Originally, the question was to create a solar lamp with its own solar panel. In front of a solar market full of “cheap gadgets” the goal was to offer a real quality and functionality.  The possibility to open the concept and to work on a more functional range quickly became apparent. Destined also for the north European markets with low levels of sunlight the hybrid concept was adopted. A battery was integrated in the solar panel and we imagined the Green Ball as the connection interface, switching between solar and mains power automatically. Dusk/dawn and motion sensors where added. Above all is the proposition of different light fixtures offering a choice in terms of use and taste. Picked, screwed, ground or wall, the range is really versatile.

Four combinations following the needs, choosing or mixing the different lamp models (5), for ground or wall use..

MINI’S led light / Pick or screw / SPARTA solar panel

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